Audiology 101 Just In Case You’ve Been Struggling

Let’s do this again. Folks out there that may not have heard it the first time, and for that matter, there’s folks who are also struggling to read between the lines as well. So, that makes it two things they need to do after they’ve struggled through this short note. While scheduling an audiology services lynchburg va consultation if you’re out that way, you may as well check in with the optometrist too.

Do your best to get through this note. It’s focused – sorry, pardon the pun – on what to do in case you have been struggling for ears. And in years and years. Or maybe this is something that has happened to you just recently, as in over a few months.

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Because if it’s only been a few days, you wouldn’t want to panic and jump to all kinds of conclusions. It might just be a temporary relapse owing to a recent illness or something that happened in and around work, or there and back – it could even have been traffic noise.

Anyhow, you may not have noticed this but if there’s been a gradual deterioration in your hearing abilities, you might be eligible for a hearing aid. But not to be alarmed because nobody’s even going to know that you’re wearing one. It’s not like those old foghorns that grandmas and grand-pappies used to carry with them.

It’s almost completely in the ear. And it blends in with the color of your skin. Now, how do you know that you’ve got hearing issues before you’ve even seen the audiologist? You know this if every other time you have to ask someone to repeat themselves. You find yourself having to annoy the neighbors by jacking up the volume on your TV and Hi-Fi…